The trials for the 2017 british medical team

The trials for the 2017 british medical team will begin November 20th 2016 in birmingham. 1200 till 1700. The purpose is to choose a team in preparation for the world medical chamionships in austria in July 2017.

Venue Studley sports centre
11 abbeyfields drive
B80 7BF

5G need astro turfs or moulds

Bring white socks white shorts and a red and white top

If you are a doctor and 25 years old as of July 2017 and wish to be considered:

Do not just turn up, please email through the website with your cv and await confirmation reply.

The team requires players from the following age groups

Age < 35
Age 35 to 40
Age > 45

The likely required pedigree is likely to be different for each age group.
For instance;

It is likely if you are <35 you will needed to have played first team university/and currently or in last 2y be playing in regular step11/12 football.

If >40 being fit and injury free , maybe more important than any previous level of football played.

If people want to test the standard before hand we have several regional clubs where people can train, meet current members of the squad, and potentially play eg leeds, north west , birmingham, leicester, and london. If interested in this please use the same email.